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"The more sublime the message, the better and more perfect the vehicle to transmit it should be... because the best deserves the best."

Father Leonardo Castellani

The PASCENDI FOUNDATION is a registered Non-Profit Organization that seeks to promote genuinely Catholic high-quality film entertainment to transform all things in Christ.
We intend to raise money through donations to finance Catholic film projects that are faithful to Christian tradition and values.

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Great minds of humanity have been able to see the important role that culture plays in the organization of societies. The influence exerted through the arts is extremely important and essential.
For this reason, PASCENDI FOUNDATION seeks to promote healthy culture, virtues and traditional Christian principles and values ​​by promoting what is good, beautiful and Truth. Just as the Church itself throughout history has taught the Revealed Truth using the cultural means at its disposal, such as painting, music and literature, so at PASCENDI we seek to do so through cinema and audiovisual arts. We find ourselves in a cultural battle, and the restoration of Christian principles, virtues and values ​​is needed today more than ever. This is the mission that we propose at PASCENDI FOUNDATION. 

PASCENDI FOUNDATION is a  non-profit organization with an anti-modernist imprint. We are guided by the Catholic principles and the love of Truth, Faith and Tradition.

“Art has as its essential object, and as its very reason for being, that of perfecting the moral personality that is man, for which it must be itself moral”

S.S. Pius XI

We are convinced that cinema and audiovisual arts are the main means of influence in the world. We firmly believe that we must take this resource into our hands and use it for the benefit of the salvation of souls and as the main means of renewing the culture in Christ.

We created a fund for financing the best audiovisual projects with a Catholic and anti-modernist imprint. The projects that we finance must be competitive products of the highest technical and artistic level so as to appeal to the general public.

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The Apocalypse of St. John (Miniseries)

At this time we are helping finance a documentary mini series about Revelation. The series portraits saint John ´s visions at Patmos and a traditional catholic interpretation of them.

The series stands out for its high artistic quality, modern pace and visual effects.


At the time two episodes have been released and the remaining five are in pre-production while the first two are being traslated and audio dub into English language.

Help us complete funding for this catholic production!


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Miami, Florida

Phone: ‪(954) 266-8304‬

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