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"We warmly exhort all men of goodwill (...) to use every means in their power (...), to make of the cinema a valuable auxiliary of instruction and education rather than of destruction and ruin of souls."

Encyclical letter of Pope Pius XI


Welcome to the PASCENDI FOUNDATION, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting high-quality Catholic film entertainment, inspired by Christian values and Tradition. 

Our aim is to finance Catholic film projects that align with our mission of transforming all things in Christ. We rely on the generous donations of like-minded individuals to help us achieve our goal. 

Join us in our cause and donate now to support the production of genuine Catholic films that can enrich and inspire audiences.


Throughout history, great minds have recognized the crucial role that culture plays in shaping societies, with the arts serving as a powerful and essential influence. At the PASCENDI FOUNDATION, we strive to promote healthy culture, virtues, and traditional Christian principles by highlighting what is good, beautiful, and true.


As the Church has done for centuries, using cultural means such as painting, music, and literature to teach revealed truth, we seek to do the same through cinema and audiovisual arts. Today, in the midst of a cultural battle, the restoration of Christian principles, virtues, and values is more important than ever.

At PASCENDI, this is our mission.

The PASCENDI FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that adheres to Catholic principles and values, rooted in our love for Truth, Faith, and Tradition. We have an anti-modernist outlook and believe in the power of art to perfect the moral character of humanity. As stated by S.S. Pius XI, the essential purpose of art is to promote morality and ethics, which is why we are committed to producing and promoting morally sound Catholic films that uphold our values.

At the PASCENDI FOUNDATION, we recognize that cinema and audiovisual arts are powerful tools of influence in the world. We believe that it is our responsibility to harness this resource for the greater good, to promote the salvation of souls and renew culture in Christ. To achieve this, we have created a fund to finance the best audiovisual projects with a Catholic and anti-modernist imprint. We are committed to producing and promoting high-quality films that are both technically and artistically excellent, appealing to a broad audience. Through this method, we hope to bring about positive change and inspire others to follow in our mission.

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The Apocalypse of St. John (Feature Film)

We are currently assisting in rising funds for the production of the second part of the saga on Revelation. The film (that started out as a series) depicts St. John's visions at Patmos and presents a traditional Catholic interpretation of them.

The film is notable for its excellent artistic quality, modern pacing, and impressive visual effects. The first movie is soon to be released in theaters, and part 2 is currently in pre-production. 

We are seeking your support to help us complete the funding for this Catholic production. Please consider contributing to this worthwhile endeavor.


Contact us

Miami, Florida

Phone: ‪(954) 266-8304‬

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